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  • Happy net-Buy shop's attention

    In shenzhen, you need to your target cities for business analysis See the business district where most people There is no shop sales of general prime locations The landlord is held for rental shops So can provide selling shops Where there are few real gold


  • Happy net-The fruit store's location

    Sell shop open location determines the specific store and how much the quality of the customer,At the same time also determines the store sales。Store address properly selected,Enjoy the superior means"The right place"Advantage。Among the peers,In size、Product composition、Business service level under the condition of the same,The advantages will be incisively and vividly。


  • Catering shop necessary techniques:Focus on store business with...

    Any industry winners are professionals,Happy net:Food industry is not so,About the location of the food industry set up shop a few tricks and the way of operation and management。